Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just A Little Note

Have you ever been SORRY for not keeping in touch with someone? Have you ever thought "I wish I would have called, texted, emailed or... just sent a little note some time? Did you ever realize how great these  people  were, only when it was too late, because.... they had passed away? How helpless and frustrating that feeling is. And how we wish, we had only one more chance to tell them how we feel about them and what their presence in our lives ment to us....
I am telling you: it is very simple. Evey now and then, without any reason, just send a little note.
 Show that you care, that you keep them in mind, even if you don't call every day, even if you live on a different continent or if life's paths took you another way.
Cherish your friendships!